“The Sunrise Program by Dayspring Village is a NEW and Innovative approach to community integration and recovery.  The pathway forward involves building successful relationships, finding community partners and working towards collaboration and solutions for individuals with serious and persistent mental illness.  The Sunrise Program is aimed at helping adults with mental illness find a safe path back into stable living arrangements in the community that work for them.”

-Douglas C Adkins - CEO - Dayspring Village

About Sunrise Care

SUNRISE is a new program in Florida aimed at helping Adults with Serious Mental Illnesses who are transitioning from the State Hospital back into the Community. This innovative Program allows those who have been ready for discharge to get moving with their recovery faster and back in the community with better results!


The Sunrise Program is for civil placements and referrals are made through Lutheran Services of Florida.  When a resident is placed on our list for assessment our team of Care Coordinators will complete an assessment at the hospital to determine “ready to go status” and ensure that the resident meets all the criteria.


Once at the Sunrise Program our Care Coordination Team will work on getting the benefits restored, linkages made with community based services ands supports such as case management, psychosocial rehab, supportive employment, supportive housing, benefit restoration and optimization of benefits and medical management and access to psychiatric care. The Sunrise team will provide a umbrella of services and support aimed at helping making integration smooth and seamless towards building a soild foundation for recovery in the community.


The Sunrise Program is only for six to nine months, our care coordinators will work on a discharge planning process to help ensure access to good quality housing providers all around Florida. It is our goal to ensure that we develop a network of great providers who are motivated and interested in providing good care to the adult mental health population in a safe location and with the full array of supports they need to be successful.


The credentialing process is easy and quick, just completed the attached form found here and we will make sure that we verify the information and then add you to our network. You can anticipate we will have an advocate or network provider drop by to check in on to help verify you continue to meet our criteria. This is important because we all want to ensure that together we offer a higher standard and work towards better care.

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